Legal services in Ukraine for foreign nationals. Services lawyer or counsel in Ukraine (Kharkiv) for a foreigner

The Law Firm "Quorum" provides comprehensive Legal Services and support foreign citizens in Ukraine, (Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov) in the field of immigration law in Ukraine.

Often foreigners getting into another country face a number of legal issues and incidents that will be solved only a qualified lawyer or attorney, owning all the intricacies of national migration legislation of Ukraine & nbsp;.

Not knowing the language, laws of Ukraine, bureaucratic procedures - these are the main points that can be on the obstacle foreign citizens residing in the territory of Ukraine.

Legal services for foreigners and business in Kharkiv. Legal assistance to foreign nationals Kharkiv

The Law Firm "Quorum" (Kharkov) has a Legal (Legal) services in Ukraine for foreigners - since 2007. During the work of our company in the legal services market in Ukraine, we have really helped many foreigners who have problems or legal issues in the field of migration law.

The main types of legal services for foreigners that we provide are:

  • for a residence permit in Ukraine (residence permit) - short-term or long-term;
  • for permission to immigrate to Ukraine;
  • for a work permit in Ukraine (employment);
  • the extension of the visa;
  • an extension of the work permit in Ukraine;
  • legalization of foreign citizens in Ukraine;
  • an invitation for entry to Ukraine;
  • business registration for a foreigner in Ukraine (Kharkiv);
  • Registration of foreigners in Ukraine (Kharkiv).

Services for obtaining a tax number in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kiev, Poltava, Lviv, Odessa). As a foreigner or student to receive an identification number (tax code) in Ukraine? Get a quick tax number (code).

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  Igor — Hi Kumar. To speed up the process of obtaining an identification number, you must send us a notarized power of attorney to us (we will send you the text to your email) and a copy of the temporary residence permit in Ukriana. We will indicate the delivery address in the e-mail....
  Shila Kumar — Hi, I am a foreign student, and I am in Odessa. I want to get a tax number to register my company. How do I get a tax number?...

Get a residence permit in Ukraine. Get a residence permit in Kharkov. How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine? Legal services for foreigners - a residence permit in Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov. Get a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

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