Representation in court. Protecting the interests of Kharkov court. Litigation in Kharkov Ukraine Kiev.

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The Law Firm "Quorum" renders services on the representation and protection of rights and legal interests of clients in the courts of general jurisdiction and specialized courts of all instances for administrative or economic affairs .

We have always sought to ensure that the cooperation with the our company has been as comfortable and stress free for our customers. This balance is achieved by through reasonable prices for our services, and high productivity

In practice, you must be a qualified lawyer than to be right. Specificity of court disputes is that the same question can be solved in different ways, depending on the subjective perception of the parties. Having a large positive experience in civil, commercial and administrative disputes, and the professionalism of the leading lawyers give the ability to easily solve even the most intricate legal proceedings.


  • representation in court in administrative cases and disputes;
  • representation in court on civil cases and disputes;
  • representation in court for commercial cases and disputes.

Lawyers of our company carry out representation courts the interests of clients of Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine on various types disputes, including tax and customs disputes, illegal prescriptions appeal of regulatory authorities, the appeal in court the results of inspections, etc.

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